The goal of the Tinker Cycling Club is to promote fun, fitness and recreation. We are a club where all levels of cyclists can come and enjoy the cycling experience, no matter their fitness or experience. We welcome the beginner or occasional cyclist as well as the seasoned veteran.

Like other cycling clubs in the local area, our mission is to bring together people with a similar interest in the cycling community. Our major focus is road riding—but we occasionally get into mountain biking. There are many in the club who participate in both types of cycling.

We have a “no drop” rule which allows everyone to have someone to ride with: the pace only goes as fast as the slowest person. The “challenge” group, on the other hand, is a free for all, where the person up front determines the pace of the group and it is up to each individual person to maintain their place in the group or get dropped off. We encourage the challenge—at times it is a personal challenge stay with the group.

If you are looking for fun, fitness and recreation you will find it in the Tinker Cycling Club.