Club Rides

  • General Club Ride Info

    Please Note: Check the ride info to the side for changing times! Roadies The road bikers meet at Lake Stanley Draper marina on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This is usually a...

  • Neighborhood Ride

    A fun route that helps you get in shape for the Norman Conquest! This one clocks in at about 38 miles.

  • Hill Ride Loop

    Very good hill workout. For intermediate or advanced riders. This section of road is a good foundation of our club “Goodbye To Summer” tour ride. 34 miles long.

  • Draper-Franklin Loop

    A good intermediate ride. Some hills, and some good rolling stretches for group riding. A little over 22 miles.

  • Lake Draper Loop

    This is a basic, short loop ride around Lake Draper, with a distance of 15 miles.

  • Indian Store Ride

    A challenging, long route that loops south around Lake Thunderbird and back, with a length of 45 miles.